Preparing for Asbestos Removal

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Preparing for Asbestos Removal

7 May 2019
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Asbestos material can cause adverse respiratory health problems, which may include cancer. Due to this fact, it is recommended that if you think you have asbestos on your property, you need to have it removed. In no way should you try to remove it on your own as various steps need to be taken to safely remove asbestos. There are two categories of asbestos, one more dangerous than the other. One is friable asbestos and the other is bonded asbestos (non-friable). Friable asbestos is loose, and if disturbed, its fibres can rise to the air and are very easy to breathe in. This is the most dangerous. Bonded asbestos will mostly be compact and may not be as much of a threat as the friable kind.

First Step

If you think there is asbestos on your property, call an asbestos removal company and make arrangements for an inspection visit. Once the asbestos removal team gets to your property, they will inspect every possible place asbestos may be found and give you a report on their findings. If they find asbestos, a plan will be created. The plan is known as an asbestos removal control plan.

Asbestos Removal Control Plan

All licensed asbestos removalists will use such a plan to ensure the effective and safe removal of asbestos. Remember that this is a dangerous material, and caution has to be taken in all stages. What does this plan include? Is the asbestos friable or bonded? Where is it located? How will it be removed? What tools or equipment will be needed? What protective gear will be needed? Where will the asbestos be stored and disposed of? These are all questions that need to be asked.

What May Be Expected of You

You may be required to remove some personal belongings like soft furnishings and loose items that could be easily contaminated. Wait for instructions and help in doing this to prevent disturbing asbestos materials. The air conditioning will be turned off, and so will fans. You may be asked to relocate for a while, so you need to make arrangements for your family. Maybe go spend a few days at a relative's place to save on costs. If you have kids, you need to move them. Children can have a tendency to not listen to what you tell them, and they may go play where the asbestos removal work is taking place.

The most important thing you should know is to never try and remove asbestos. Always let professionals handle the work of friable asbestos removal.

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