Are Your Current House Stumps Damaged? See Why Professional House Stumping Is Critical

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Are Your Current House Stumps Damaged? See Why Professional House Stumping Is Critical

29 January 2021
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Most Australians use timber stumps when restumping their old or weak houses. Although these stumps are strong and effective when they are being installed, they begin to develop problems several years later. If you fail to restump your residential property once the signs show up, you may eventually experience serious issues. Here are four reasons professional restumping is critical.

It Saves Your Property from Floods

Houses in areas that flood often are likely to experience the flooding problem if restumping is overlooked. If the stumps or support structures are damaged, weak or rotten, hire professional contractors to replace them. They have advanced tools and skills needed to carry out the restumping process. Moreover, they will also advise you on the sturdier restumping materials you may need to replace the damaged or old stumps. If you still choose to use wood stumps, the contractors will help you get perfectly treated stumps for the project.

It Helps Repair Damaged Floors

The floors can tell whether the stumps underneath are in good shape or damaged. They can become lopsided, thus disturbing the visual appeal of the entire house. If you identify cracks on some sections of the floor, it means the stumps are deteriorating and that you need to invest in professional restumping.

Squealing sounds on the floor are also an indication that your house should be restumped immediately. If you do nothing about the unstable floors, you could expose your loved ones to danger—a risk not worth taking.

It Helps Fix Door and Window Misalignment

The rotting, damaged or old stumps don't just cause asymmetrical floors, but they also compromise the alignment of your doors and the windows could also be affected. It makes it difficult to close your doors and windows, a problem you could fix by restumping the house to restore its initial alignment.

If your doors and windows have issues resulting from lopsided floors, do not just focus on the floors or misaligned windows and doors because the problem could be bigger than this. In fact, you may only need to restump the house to deal with the misalignment problem completely

You can even invest in house restumping to improve the visual appeal of your house and enhance its security. No matter why you want to restump your house, consider working with professional contractors to ensure the house is properly restumped. Reach out to someone near you who provides house restumping services. 

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