Foundation Repairs: Understanding the Building Restoration Cost Factors

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Foundation Repairs: Understanding the Building Restoration Cost Factors

6 December 2017
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If the foundation beneath your home is damaged, you should commission immediate repairs. In general, this structure of the building is responsible for supporting the weight of the walls and the rest of the house. If the damage in the foundation is overlooked, the entire building could fall apart. Unfortunately, the cost of repairing a building can be significant, and the cumulative expenses can vary widely between different structures. Therefore, it is essential to understand the issues which will influence the restoration costs so that you can budget and plan efficiently. Here are the most critical factors which will determine your foundation repair expenses.

Extent of Foundation Damage

You should think about the extent of damage to your foundation before commissioning repairs. Typically, the extent refers to the severity of the deterioration of the building base as well as the total structural area affected by the degradation. In most buildings, the cracking of the foundation is localised; only a section will require an underpinning. However, if you are concerned about the possibility of the same problem occurring in the other parts of the building, you should consider reinforcing the entire structure. This choice might be more economical in the long run, although repairing the damaged areas only will be cheaper.

Excavation Requirements

Your building might require significant excavation around the base for proper repairs. The need for excavation will depend on the type of foundation, the level of damage and nature of deterioration. If this is the case in your home, you will need to increase your budget beyond the standard estimated rates. In simple terms, excavation will require specialised equipment and additional labour. So, the total costs will rise. Also, the earthmoving process will hurt the landscape and the main building, necessitating repairs after underpinning. For example, you might need to apply cladding on the affected walls or paint the surfaces after process completion.

Site Conditions

Finally, you should note that the site conditions might have a significant impact on your foundation repair budget. Therefore, you should have your underpinning contractor assess your home before the official commencement of the restoration project. If the site has limited space and limits the contractor's ability to move their equipment freely, the expenses might be higher. This increase is necessary if the repair company has to obtain specialised machines to work on your home. Also, if the ground conditions are limiting due to soil waterlogging, erosion, presence of boulders and unfavourable sloping, you might have to pay more for underpinning. 

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